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    Careau Investment Group is a client-centric, independent financial services firm. Client relationships based on integrity, professionalism, understanding and mutual respect are the foundation upon which the firm is built. Our dedicated client focus is a commitment that we will always act in the client’s best interests.

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Market Perspectives from BNY Mellon

A Greater Gateway: Issue 1

As mainland China moves to relaxing controls over flows of capital across its borders, Hong Kong’s prime position as a fund management center presents new opportunities for asset managers across the world.


Investment Update: Back to School

With temperatures cooling here on the East Coast, the back to school season is upon us. The Mortimer family is leaving behind the relative tranquility of summer and returning to a household once again filled with backpacks, football gear and textbooks. My two boys are entering grades 8 and 12, and I’m encouraging them to start the year fresh. But I will also impress upon them that a new school year also means taking stock of what they already know, so they can be in the best possible position to be successful.


Investment in Alternative Assets: Split Decisions

The last few years have been interesting times indeed for institutional investors. Many, such as insurance companies, have faced increased regulation with higher capital adequacy ratios, and all have grappled with lower returns from more traditional investments as the low interest rate environment has persisted at a time of slow global growth.


Enterprise Risk Analysis and Alternative Investments

The assumptions that are used in incorporating alternative investments into enterprise risk analysis matter. Different approaches to data management can lead to different potential conclusions about the apparent risks within an investment program.