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    Careau Investment Group is a client-centric, independent financial services firm. Client relationships based on integrity, professionalism, understanding and mutual respect are the foundation upon which the firm is built. Our dedicated client focus is a commitment that we will always act in the client’s best interests.

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Market Perspectives from BNY Mellon

How Fundamental Strengths, Modi’s Reforms, and Clearing Out Deadwood Propelled India to the top of the BPI

Two years ago, India was an unhappy member of Morgan Stanley’s “Fragile Five,” a handful of emerging economies judged most vulnerable to tighter Federal Reserve policy and rising global bond yields. Since then, India’s oil bill has dropped, inflation has eased, gold imports have been curtailed, the trade deficit has narrowed — and in last year’s national elections, Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) romped to victory, becoming the first single party to win a majority in the lower house of parliament for 30 years.

What’s Churning Up China’s Markets?

The first few trading days of 2016 proved to be choppy for investors with China enacting a market circuit breaker1 and suspending trading twice in four days and global markets subsequently responding negatively. Here BNY Mellon Investment Management looks at what has happened and why.

Turning Capital Flow Insight Into Action

Our iFlow charts for major currency and asset markets are relaying a clear message that global investors remain risk averse as they closely monitor evolving policy measures by major central banks.

Ten-Year Capital Markets Assumptions

Each year, BNY Mellon Investment Management develops capital market return assumptions for approximately 50 asset classes around the world. The assumptions are based on a 10-year investment time horizon and are intended to guide investors in developing their long term strategic asset allocations.

Enterprise Risk Analysis and Alternative Investments

The assumptions that are used in incorporating alternative investments into enterprise risk analysis matter. Different approaches to data management can lead to different potential conclusions about the apparent risks within an investment program.